Dear First-Year Administrator,

We’ve combed through all of our titles, new and classic, to compile a list of our best books for first-year experience reading programs on one website.

Our First-Year Student catalog is available for immediate download here. If you would like print copies of our catalog, please contact us at Academic@HarperCollins.com, and we’ll mail them to you ASAP!

Are you attending the First-Year Experience conference in Washington, DC in February?  We're excited to announce Charles Barber, author of Citizen Outlaw, as our featured author dinner speaker, in conversation with William Juneboy Outlaw III, the book's subject.  For more information and to RSVP, visit our RSVP page.  We'll also be hosting a session with Dr. Dolly Chugh, author of The Person You Mean to Be, at 8am on Sunday, February 23rd.  Visit us in Booth 32 for more information!

 If you need complimentary sample books for your committee members, please let us know at Academic@HarperCollins.com or give us a call at 212 207 7546.

Did you miss last year’s FYE speakers? You’ll find video of past author presentations here.

Diane Burrowes
Michael Fynan
Kim Racon

The Academic Marketing Department of HarperCollins Publishers

Author Interviews

Interested in having one of our authors speak on campus?  Visit our Speakers Bureau for more information!